People are comfortable being ignorant. 

If television does not tell them what to think, they won't think.

The old saying ignorance is bliss.

It's a very underrated saying.

Sometimes we, the awakened people, forget how easy it was to be ignorant and unknowledgeable. Just think about what we go through on a daily basis. Just knowing the truth is a burden. The sheeple are able to suspend belief and watch their favorite football team, while we watch the world burn. 

Most people in the world are under massive hypnosis and they don't even know it. The globalist has managed to program billions of people without those people even realizing that they are being programmed. 

If I told you 20 years ago, that a man would be able to identify as a woman and walk into a womans bathroom, and that there would be laws put in place that would protect the mans rights and completely ignore the rights id the womens privacy, you would said I freakin crazy. That was just 20 years ago. That just goes to show how quickly, the programming can work.

The so-elites, are not as the average citizen of this planet. They do not think like we do. They are heartless, emotionless and very patient. The so-called elites plan decades in advance to bring about their next phase to the new world order. Truth be told, we are living in the new world order but the future world order is what scares 

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