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The New York Post reports a NASA rover spotted a rock on Mars that looked like a wizard staff. Although the NY Post gives a simple explanation as to why this rock has the appearance of wizard staff, it is worth noting the date and location of this revelation. First of all, it was spotted on June 6, 2022, 666, June=6th month, 6th Day, and 2+2+2= 6. So there is your 666.

Also, it was spotted on Mars, the red planet. In fact, the NY post even said as much. So what do we make of this? We all know that the so-called elites love to speak in code. So let's take a look at this. A wizard staff, wizard, equals sorcery and also the wizard of oz. Isn't it interesting that Trump has just recently endorsed Dr. Oz? Again it's all about the timing. Then take a look at Mars and keep in mind that Mars is synonymous with wars. Look at all the battles we see popping up, from Russia and Ukraine to China and Taiwan. There are a lot of wars and rumors of wars. 

In a time like this, with all of this chaos in the world, it just so happens that NASA reveals this information on this date particular date. No way this was an accident. The date and location are very important to the occult and the establishment of their new world order.

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