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For the first time in 50 years, Congress held an open hearing on UFOs. With over 144 sightings, both political parties believe that UFOs are a national security concern. It almost seems to be a little too convenient and too much of a coincidence that some nations are beginning to push toward globalization and an end to national sovereignty. All of a sudden, here comes this external extraterrestrial threat. It feels like the globalists are gearing up for a false flag alien invasion that will most likely be staged using CGI or even more sophisticated technology. THE REAL PURPOSE OF THIS PUBLIC UFO HEARING: 1.) See how the masses respond to the UFO intel discovery.  2.) Drum up fear of an invasion in the near future (Predictive Programming.) 3.) Further their globalist agenda by claiming that this aforementioned "invasion" will be the end of humanity if all nations do not unite. It's so obvious what the end game is but the majority of people in this world are still asleep an


  On March 26, 2020, Microsoft patterned a new cryptocurrency system using sensors to track and trace human body activity and tap into brain waves. This data will then be used to mine cryptocurrency. If that isn't creepy enough, the patent number W020060606A1 should be enough to make your skin crawl. Hidden in the patent number is the apparent 666, which indicates that there is definitely something nefarious involved with this cryptocurrency. READ FULL ARTICLE DECODE YOUR REALITY on Youtube posted a compelling video breaking down the numerology behind this cryptocurrency. READ FULL ARTICLE

SATANIC PORTAL OVER THE WHITE HOUSE? posted a video of Roger Stone claiming that the White House has a satanic portal hovering over it. Stone stated that the portal popped up soon after Joe Biden became president.  DISCLAIMER: THE FOLLOWING VIDEO DOES NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT THE VIEWS OR OPPINION OF JAMORROW 305.


  Watch this amazing video. AI is now capable of reproducing itself and is now able to have babies. Ironically, the same global elites that want to depopulate humans are quietly building up artificial intelligence that is intelligent enough to reproduce on its own. WION reports- this experiment was partially funded by the "defense advanced research projects agency." 


    Yet another conspiracy theory is proving to be true. After years of speculation and rumors of the secret cabal crashing economies to bring them to bring about a cashless society, we see the first sign of this becoming a reality here in the United States. In April, one of America's most beloved baseball parks, Fenway Park in Boston, announced that fans would no longer be able to pay with cash at any ballpark’s concession stands. Cashless Fenway Park. How lame. Why does society allow this to be the norm? Why does everyone hate cash? “They watched restaurants go through the migration and it will also speed up service for fans.” Lies. Such lies. What “migration”? We all love cash. This will be pure agony. — Michael Moxley (@BostonMoxley) April 14, 2022 CBS BOSTON : Attorney General Maura Healey says her office is taking a closer look at the switch in payment methods. “I know it’s a problem because not everybody has moved to plastic. No