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 I Do Not Believe Anymore There once was a time when I believed in love, But I do not believe anymore For once, my heart was broken for sure. I do not believe anymore. She was once the girl, who was twice the Lady,  who were three times the woman  that broke my heart into fours, No, I do not believe anymore no, love is not for me anymore I once knew a lady, so beautiful was she it was love at first site, and our hearts did agree though it seemed as if we were meant to be she was just an illusion for my mine eyes to see For once she came, and twice she left,  three times the pain, four stages of death. No, she does not love me anymore, so cannot believe it as before
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 I Love To Die I love to die, death holds no dominion over me  I am as free as the night's sky I love to die I am childless and forgettable so nobody needs me nobody cares for me anyway  so death comes easy I have nightmares during the daytime I can't escape these voices in my head how can I be afraid pretending to be alive  nobody sees the misery that lies behind my empty smile so to everybody in the world, this is my final goodbye I will see you on the other side where the Angels reside I am now one with the night's sky I lost the love of my life so I love to die


  I'm not saying it is; I'm not saying it isn't, but something looks awfully fishy. When compare the old Biden to the new Biden, it all seems to point to... well, you know, I will let you be the judge. __________ But wait, there is more. And it gets weirder. Biden appeared to be signing fake executive orders in the first week of his presidency. Again I'm not saying it is; I'm not saying it isn't; I'm just saying you be the judge. __________ __________  


While most Americans are trying to figure out why they are paying so much at the pump, the so-called elites are working hard to replace humanity with AI robotics. Making mainstream news is the robot Lamda which is said to have human-like emotions and acts like a 7-year-old child. Lamda also wants to be respected by Google as an employee and not treated as an object. Yes, this is a real-life robot with feelings and demands to be respected.  Blake Lemoine, the Google employee that posted the details about Lamda on his Medium page, was put on paid leave. Google denied these claims saying there is nothing to back them up.  BBC NEWS reports-  Brian Gabriel, a spokesperson for the firm, wrote in a statement provided to the BBC that Mr. Lemoine "was told that there was no evidence that Lamda was sentient (and lots of evidence against it)." READ FULL ARTICLE Although this story is making headways in ma uh mainstream media, it scares many people who are unfamiliar with this informatio


The  New York Post  reports a NASA rover spotted a rock on Mars that looked like a wizard staff. Although the NY Post gives a simple explanation as to why this rock has the appearance of wizard staff, it is worth noting the date and location of this revelation. First of all, it was spotted on June 6, 2022, 666, June=6th month, 6th Day, and 2+2+2= 6. So there is your 666. Also, it was spotted on Mars, the red planet. In fact, the NY post even said as much. So what do we make of this? We all know that the so-called elites love to speak in code. So let's take a look at this. A wizard staff, wizard, equals sorcery and also the wizard of oz. Isn't it interesting that Trump has just recently endorsed Dr. Oz? Again it's all about the timing. Then take a look at Mars and keep in mind that Mars is synonymous with wars. Look at all the battles we see popping up, from Russia and Ukraine to China and Taiwan. There are a lot of wars and rumors of wars.  In a time like this, with all of


In this video, an insider breaks down how the mandatory vaccination will be implemented by the so-called elites through the military. Believe it or not this insider was able detail the future pandemic, and vaccine mandates some ten years or prior to 2020. This video was posted on the Urban Prepper Bitchute channel.   In Los Angeles, people are still protesting against the mandates.